Industrial Medicine

We have numerous industrial programs ranging from on site injury treatment and baseline testing to wellness and prevention seminars. We are continually adding to our services based on the needs of industry.

Onsite Physical Therapy Services, Early Intervention Program

Rehabilitation services are offered to companies that wish to reduce the cost of claims by maintaining a high level of employee retention and on-site evaluation. Downtime for employees to leave work and receive treatment can be reduced by two thirds with onsite treatment.

  • Work Conditioning - Daily aggressive exercise program designed to increase strength, endurance and conditioning level. This program is designed to provide a full body approach to re-training and to prepare the patient for work challenges.
  • Work Hardening - A certified work hardening program which is a structured return to work program that includes work simulation activities, education programs and an aggressive conditioning and strengthening program.

Job-Site Services

  • Industrial/ Office Ergonomic and Job Site Analysis - Evaluation to determine specific postures, forces and repetitions imposed upon an individual by the job and work station, and methods employed by the worker in completing the work, with the goal of identifying injury risk factors and for determining effective modifications as needed.

    Evaluation, documentation, and recommendations for proper office set up and function. The recommendations may include workplace modifications of the current workplace design or equipment to alter the effects of work related stresses. Other recommendations include work technique modifications to address worker performance and prevention of repetitive use injuries.
  • Pre-Employment Baseline Testing
  • Industrial/Office Pre-Workday Stretching Programs
  • Back Education and Repetitive Trauma Educational Programs

Industrial Education Classes

  • Body Mechanics Class - This class trains workers in proper body mechanics and lifting techniques that can easily be applied to the workers daily job tasks.
  • Posture awareness Training - This class focuses on training employees to maintain proper posture for stress reduction while performing activities.
  • Work Stretching Program - This class takes into consideration specific job tasks and designs a personalized stretching program to help reduce accumulative stress.
  • Soft Tissue injury prevention - This class focuses on preventing soft tissue injuries by explains what is soft tissue, how is it injured and what can be done to prevent soft tissue injuries.
  • Back Education Class - This class goes over the specific principles of back care and back injury prevention.
  • Repetitive/ Accumulative Trauma Class - This class educates the employees on preventing MSD caused by repetitive activities or accumulative stress.
  • Office Workers Educational Class - This class covers all aspects of office work from basic ergonomic and office set-up to accumulative stress reduction exercises.
  • Basis Ergonomics - This class educates the employees in basic ergonomic principals and self assessment of their work area.
  • Train the Trainer - This class is used to train supervisors beyond the level of the typical employee in proper body mechanics, ergonomics and injury prevention techniques so they can further train their workers or assist in reinforcing the principles the workers has been taught.