Comprehensive Spine Program

Neck and back injuries are the main cause of long-term disability, a great deal of which can be prevented if the musculoskeletal problem is addressed appropriately. Many times a person can recover with limited care and home instruction, while others require an extensive in-clinic program. At P.T. Northwest we have the programs and skills available to address all degrees of spinal injuries and adapt all programs to fit the patient's unique needs.

Phase I

  • Comprehensive Physical Therapy Evaluation.
  • Therapeutic Modalities for reduction of pain and edema.
  • Back Education Program.
  • Hands-on treatment to correct soft-tissue dysfunction.

Phase II

  • Flexibility exercises.
  • Normalizing Range of Motion.
  • Stabilization exercises.
  • Reinforcement of educational principles.
  • Body mechanics and postural awareness.

Phase III

  • Reconditioning exercises.
  • Neuromuscular re-education.
  • Improving efficiency of normal movement activities.
  • Strengthening Programs.
  • Isometrics, Open and closed-chain programs.

Phase IV

  • Dynamic strengthening.
  • Progressive Resistance Exercises, Swiss Ball, Plyometrics and Proprioceptive Exercises.
  • Work Hardening.
  • Work conditioning.
  • Funtional Integration.
  • For work, sport or recreation.
  • Independent in home exercise program.